The house is mobilized for Pink October

The house is mobilized for Pink October

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For the 20th consecutive year in France, the month of October is placed under the sign of pink, symbol of a major campaign for the fight against breast cancer organized by the association "Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en! ". And to join this great fight, the house is committed and so are we.

Committed purchases

Like every year, certain brands do not hesitate to invest in the fight against cancer by offering products which allow part of the profits to be donated to the association "Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!". For this month of October, Tupperware is selling a pink travel mug for 20 euros, 1 euro of which will be donated to the association. Maison Noël will also donate 5 euros for any purchase of a Pink Ribbon scented cushion specially created for the event. And among these generous partners, KitchenAid sets an example by donating 100 euros for any purchase of a robot on an Artisan® pink base, 40 euros for a pink Artisan® blender and 1 euro for the purchase of each pink kitchen utensil . And this, all year round! For 2013, the brand is also partnering with Olivier Chaput, a committed chef, to offer an agenda around cooking that will allow 3 euros to be donated to the association (sale price 9.90 euros).

An exceptional auction

Pink October is also a highlight for the Institut Curie, which takes the opportunity to organize a major exceptional auction to raise funds and finance research. The operation "Des Femmes Donnent Aux Femmes" brings together many women committed to this cause who donate an object that is dear to them so that it can be offered for sale. This year, Catherine Colin founder of offers a Magis armchair, Jacotte Capron ceramist one of his sculptures, Constance Guisset a lamp of his creation, Jasmine Starck a Baccarat lamp signed Philippe Starck and you will also find two photos from my collection. In a word, this is the ideal event to see pretty things while doing a good deed! The sale will be held on October 22 at 7:30 p.m. (exhibition from October 18 to 22) and will be open to all.


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