Choosing the right lights for your living room

Choosing the right lights for your living room

To feel good at home, lighting plays a crucial role. And when the days start to get shorter, there is nothing like warm lighting to provide an ideal comforting cocooning atmosphere. To help you create your lighting ambiance, we have given you some tips to help you choose the right lighting.

Tip # 1: Don't limit yourself

For good lighting, you don't have to settle for just one light. Indeed, a suspension will not allow you for example to fully cover the room and provide sufficient lighting, so do not hesitate to multiply the suspensions according to the size of your room. Know that the more you multiply the light points the more the atmosphere will be warm.

Tip # 2: Vary the lights

To complete your pendant lights, nothing like varying the lights to provide complete and decorative lighting. We are thinking, for example, of adding table lamps, sconces or floor lamps to highlight several places in the room. Do not hesitate to vary the light intensities depending on the location of the lamp.

Tip # 3: Play the decor card

Finally, remember that your lights are also decorative objects especially when they are turned off. We thus offer models that integrate into the world of the room. The creators are not lacking in originality and you will find both lamps that are real design sculptures and others that we do not suspect to be a lamp. Our practical living room decoration videos