Three rules of a cocooning interior

Three rules of a cocooning interior

Cocooning has three golden rules, namely materials, colors evocative of nature and attention to detail. Softness, essential, is as much visual as tactile. Cocooning is akin to well-being, zenitude and relaxation. The absolute need to relax being more present in winter, we change its summer decor to create a warm atmosphere.

The cocooning materials to favor

A cocooning interior is ideal for keeping fit and morale when the cold weather sets in. The soft, soft and warm materials allow you to create cozy and comforting spaces, whether in the bedroom, living room or office. So we replace the fresh cotton with woolen goods, silk, sheepskin, faux fur and velvet. PVC and melamine give way to wood, but if it is not possible to change the furniture, the warm atmosphere will be brought by the curtains, cushions, tablecloths, poufs and carpets. Each French window and window is adorned with double - curtains to block the cold. We highlight rattan, wooden, leather and wicker objects rather than glass trinkets.

Natural colors

Among the rules to follow to create a cocooning interior, one of the most important concerns the choice of colors. Nothing should attack, excite; on the contrary, everything must soothe and comfort. This is why the shades of beige and brown will be highlighted. A few touches of red, ocher and English green enhance the whole with happiness. In the kitchen and dining area, tea towels, napkins, tablecloths and curtains come alive with small tiles. We can therefore opt for a Scottish fabric with a red tendency. The room is no exception to the rule. It must be welcoming and invite you to rest as much as to be gentle. The bed linen is adorned with fall colors, greige, beige and gray. Nothing like playing marmots and recharging your batteries in Morphée's arms. Who says colors says lighting to also look after in each room of the house. It is better to avoid direct lights and give priority to powdered and diffuse lighting to warm the atmosphere. The luminaires are then fitted with less dazzling economical bulbs.

Essential details serving the senses

No cocooning interior without taking care of the details. And among them, the olfactory atmosphere is important. We can therefore focus on scented candles and powdered dominance. Vanilla, cinnamon, rose, cardamom and amber are perfect for helping to find the necessary relief when snow covers nature. Likewise, the smell of a wood fire will be perfect to comfort the whole family and transform an interior into a haven of peace. It remains to choose the right sounds thanks to the background music, soft, enveloping and melodious. Acoustic guitar and piano give lightness to a relaxing day in a perfectly successful cocooning interior. For optimal comfort, all you have to do is enjoy a hot chocolate accompanied by a homemade orange cake. They will inevitably bring back the most comforting childhood memories.
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