Video: how to fix an earring?

Video: how to fix an earring?

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Would you like to be able to wear a broken earring again? Do you want to change the clasp of your earring? Sylvia Grandperrin, creator of the brand "The Crown Jewels", explains how to repair an earring.

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Change an American fastener

The American fastener is a widely used earring closure system. To fix your earring using an American tie, you just need to open the small loop of the tie very slightly, then pass the earring through it. Then close the small loop. For added security, put on the back of the clip a silicone stroller, which you slide to the earlobe for an invisible result. This stroller will prevent the loop from slipping off your ear.

Close the earring using a sleeper

The sleeper is a particularly secure fastener, since a flap allows you to close the fastener to prevent the earring from opening and slipping from your ear. To fix a sleeper, proceed in the same way as with the American fastener: pass the earring through the small loop of the fastener after having opened it, then close delicately.

Close the earring with an ear stud

If your ear has a somewhat deformed or unsightly hole, use an ear stud to hide it. Attach the earring to the nail by opening the small loop and inserting the earring in it, before closing the loop. The nail is fixed to the ear with a stroller, in silver or silicone for example. With Sylvia Grandperrin's tips, your earring is repaired in a few minutes. Watch the video How to repair an earring? on Produced by Minute Facile.


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