Video: sewing a blind hem

Video: sewing a blind hem

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The invisible hem is ideal for clothes and curtains. Would you like to make one for one of your achievements? To teach you how to easily make an invisible hem, Patrick Bride, director of the company "Janome France", gives you his sewing secret.

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Prepare the material to sew an invisible hem

To sew an invisible hem, your sewing machine must be adjusted in a particular way. First take a crowbar with an adjustment wheel or a foot with a guide. Then set your machine to the sewing function specially intended for sewing an invisible hem. It is a special stitch. Then prepare your news: 739845 fabric, on which the invisible hem will be made. To do this, you need to mark your hem, then build and pin it. When you are finished, turn over the actu: 739845 fabric so that the basted side appears at the front of the actu: 739845 sewing fabric.

Sew the invisible hem

Place your news: 739845 fabric in the sewing machine, then sew at the edge of the fold using your guide. When the length is sewn, remove the actu: 739845 fabric from the machine. Your hem is stitched invisibly inside the fabric. The invisible hem method applies to both clothing and upholstery, for an aesthetic and neat result. By following the approach explained by Patrick Bride, you will obtain in a few minutes a beautiful invisible hem for all your achievements. Watch the video Sewing an invisible hem on Produced by Minute Facile.