Video: watercolor lesson for beginners

Video: watercolor lesson for beginners

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Do you want to express yourself through a delicate and colorful painting? Why not try watercolor? Catherine Binder, speaker for "1mere1fille", teaches you the basics of the news: 739823 watercolor painting.

Watch the video :

The basics of watercolor

Watercolor painting requires the use of specific equipment. The pointed round brush is used to apply the color. News: 739807 scraping brushes are useful for removing pigments in order to create gray areas. The large brush will be used to moisten the sheet before applying pigment, which is allowed to dissipate in water, especially when you want to paint a sky or a forest. The pen holder is very practical for applying gum arabic. To paint with watercolors, you must soak each brush with water, then apply the color.

Use of gum arabic in watercolor

To obtain a spectacular effect, gum arabic is used in watercolor. Draw the motif of your choice with the pen holder soaked in gum arabic. Then pass your news: 739823 watercolor painting on the motif, irregularly covering it completely. When the paint is dry, scrape or rub the sheet to remove the gum arabic. A white mark then draws the pattern on the sheet, at the place where you had deposited the gum arabic.

Painting outdoors

Watercolor materials should be able to be transported easily. Carry in your kit your news: 739807 brushes, your pen holder, gum arabic as well as three watercolor colors: red, yellow and blue. Remember to take a rag or a piece of old cloth to wipe your news: 739807 brushes. Choose a block of paper that is not too large for easy transport. Thanks to Catherine Binder for these precious tips for beginners in watercolor. Find the video Watercolor lessons for beginners on Produced by Minute Facile.