3 types of washbasin cabinets for the bathroom

3 types of washbasin cabinets for the bathroom

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In the bathroom, three trends in washbasin are emerging. Depending on your style, you will choose a destructured vanity unit, a wooden unit or a simple vanity top. A quick overview of these three typologies.

Wooden furniture

Influenced by the Scandinavian style, the house integrates wood in all rooms and the bathroom does not pass through! Result, the washbasin cabinet is adorned with rather light wood and offers design lines. Always for a natural atmosphere, wood is also used in chic country atmospheres with washbasins that give a family home style to the bathroom.

Unstructured furniture

For an original bathroom where the washbasin is the strong element of the decor, we rather adopt a destructured washbasin. Concretely, it is a piece of furniture that plays with the shapes of the various storage spaces to overcome a classic rectangular shape. The effect is very design and gives a certain dynamic to the bathroom. This type of furniture is therefore ideal for offering a strong decoration with few accessories.

Wash basins

Finally, there are those who prefer to get away from the traditional vanity unit in order to offer a certain lightness to the bathroom. It is then a simple plan which accommodates a basin and which leaves the piping visible. The result is then very refined but does not allow storage space that you can nevertheless add. However, wheelchair access is simplified for people with reduced mobility. Our practical bathroom videos