Landscape advice: a Zen garden

Landscape advice: a Zen garden

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In Japan, creating gardens is as important an art as calligraphy. Japanese master gardeners seek to represent their idealized vision of nature by creating miniature landscapes that will serve as a support for meditation. For western gardeners, for whom this highly codified universe often remains an enigma, many elements can serve as sources of inspiration to create a Zen garden, conducive to contemplation.

How to arrange a Japanese-inspired garden?

In a space enclosed by a palisade, a hedge of bamboo and black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra ) evokes Asia. In large pots, Prunus incisa "Kojo no Mai" with a tortuous habit will be covered with delicate pink and white flowers in spring. Indispensable, Japanese maples, which are adorned with scarlet colors in the fall, are very popular with lovers of feng shui . In this stylized universe, rocks and sandstone balls represent the mountain while a bamboo fountain of the " shishi odoshi "brings movement and musicality. The most inspired will create a sandy path punctuated with pebbles to recall the course of the river that descends from the mountain. A slatted terrace, a bamboo garden set, a teapot of green tea and That's it !

The advice of the master gardener

In a Japanese garden, the presence of purifying water is fundamental. It can flow from a fountain or a waterfall, stagnate in a body of water or be symbolically represented by white gravel, on which we trace the movements of waves with a small rake.

The accessories

A fountain shishi odoshi In this traditional bamboo fountain, the water tilts the lower rod at regular intervals, with a characteristic noise known to be the "sound of Japan".
Pots of black resin Black or white, the colors of Ying and Yang are preferred in this type of garden.
An Asian garden furniture A bamboo coffee table and outdoor cushions placed on the floor will create a relaxing and exotic garden furniture.


Trees and shrubs Japanese maple (Acer palmatum ), Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica ), cherry blossom (Prunus incisa "Kojo no Mai"), bamboo Phyllostachys nigra .
The other plants Japanese grass (Hakonechloa macra ), Little Cypress Spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias ), Crassula sarcocaulis , mosses, sagine, helxine…

Estimated budget

If you choose small trees that will grow over time, this Zen garden includes few accessories and can be made with a small budget (from 1000 €) and a lot of creativity! Our practical Zen videos