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. ARTEPY - BOLON Create your floor covering with the Bolon! Very resistant, easy to clean and pleasant to the touch, the Bolon is a very stylish woven vinyl flooring. Developed with respect for the environment, the Bolon is available in rolls, slabs and cutouts. The Bolon is available in 12 collections and offers 95 models in trendy colors and patterns. Find the solution for your floor on the website For more information, contact Artépy's head office on Facebook link: // The Bolon was installed by ACANTHE SOL A family passion, flexible floors, new materials ... Our showrooms contain fabulous treasures of originality! For those who want different floors (example: customizable floors with logo integration, etc.), visit the website or go to the following showrooms: - Paris: 8 avenue de Friedland 75008 PARIS (01.40 .68.79.13) - Saint-Tropez: 43 route des beaches 83990 SAINT-TROPEZ (


. LEONIE solid pine children's daybed with extra bed drawer 2 "beds in 1" for a minimum of space, ideal for small rooms: daytime bench to read or listen to your favorite music comfortably installed, this sofa bed also houses a practical extra drawer-bed to accommodate friends ! Foam mattress for children's bed 80 x 180 and 90 x 180 cm special drawer or pull-out bed A 180 cm long mattress specially adapted for pull-out beds. Furniture 4 niches KOLORCAZ oak veneer The practical spirit revised and colored! To combine with KOLORCAZ colored satin lacquer furniture Cabinet with 1 drawer KOLORCAZ satin lacquer 4 colors Design and functional storage… stack, stack, juxtapose to create custom storage! Cube 1 door KOLORCAZ satin lacquer 4 colors The practical spirit revisited and colorful: cube, bedside table or end of designer and functional sofa ... stack, stack, juxtapose to create custom storage! 3 SWISS


. LED TV TCL 24 "/ 61cm Blue Ref: L24E4133F A true decorative object, your television is in harmony with your decor and fits perfectly into your world. Thanks to its colorful design, it is the ideal television to complete an intimate and trendy atmosphere. This blue goes with a multitude of colors and reinforces the soft and soothing atmosphere of your interior. See life in color with your TCL LED TV! TCL - The Creative Life //


. Net curtain - Eyelet finish - Blue background with silver stars Available in 2 heights VERTBAUDET Small Mad Cat Cushion HELLO MY CUSHION: cushions, accessories and small luggage Basile the elephant cushion 50x50 cm FRENCH BLOSSOM 2 Graphic cushions CASTORAMA

THE luminaire:

. 1 BAYA Red design lamp MILIBOO Light string COUSIN PAUL'S CASE Children's lamp Pastel blue Children's lamp Pastel pink HOUSES OF THE WORLD 1 Silver Floor Lamp CASTORAMA


. Circus frieze MIMI'LOU FRENCH BLOSSOM Blue metal Elan hunting trophy CITYSIGNER Board : LAMINAGE GINETTE 30x40 EP30 GLOSSY White CM CREATION Mural : Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Absolute Mat - BLUE JEAN Dulux Valentine Architect Painting - Absolute Mat - CACTUS Dulux Valentine Painting - Mat - SOUPCON D ROSE Dulux Valentine Painting - Color Cream - ROUGE ANDALOU DULUX VALENTINE


. White Bengal Tiger Plush Ref: 81089 PINK BEAR The teddy bear : Real teddy bear like before Contact information : SPOILER 0892 399 399 (0.34 € / min) Lot of 3 Trunks with Pierre Henry Rods CITYSIGNER Letters "C" "I" "R" "C" "U" "S" Letters to decorate allow you to easily embellish a room, a piece of furniture, a door, etc. Discover a large selection of letters on Créavea Comforter range A pretty wall decoration for children Here is a funny and original gift! It consists of four little diapers, into which the cuddly toys slide. Clever: it can be used as a table OR as a bed decoration, the child then plays with it in his bed and slides the cuddly toys into the pants. Customizable with the child's first name. Speaker Very poetic, to note all the good ideas and projects. A good idea for a personalized gift //, personalized with the child's first name. THE GRIOTTES Cup Cake Ass Box JAL6950001 Hanging balloon Red 20x24 cm AC0694020 Hanging balloon Red 15x20 cm AC0694033 COMING B Candle 3 lollipops Circus Candle 3 lollipops Heart HOUSES OF THE WORLD