Video: furniture creation: what types of cardboard to choose?

Video: furniture creation: what types of cardboard to choose?

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Do you want to create furniture in an original material? Pascale Meunier offers to help you choose the right boxes depending on the furniture you want to build.

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Furniture design: the different types of cardboard available

To build cardboard furniture, it is necessary to choose the right materials. Pascale Meunier presents the different boxes to you: firstly, the single-fluted cardboard, characterized by the presence of a single wave in its thickness; then the double-fluted cardboard, with two waves; triple-fluted, three-wave cardboard; and finally, honeycomb or honeycomb. It is the most resistant.

Furniture design: which cardboard for which construction?

Now that you know all the types of cardboard that can be used, you have to choose the most suitable for your future furniture. Very thin single-ribbed cardboard can only be used for light furniture, such as boxes. The double-fluted cardboard is used for storage boxes or toy chests. And if you want to get into real furniture, the triple-fluted cardboard, more difficult to find on the market, allows you to mount armchairs. Finally, honeycomb cardboard is perfect for large furniture such as bookcases. All you have to do is embark on the adventure of cardboard, thanks to Pascale Meunier. Watch the video Creation of furniture: what types of cardboard to choose? on Produced by Minute Facile.


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