My floor swelled after a water leak. What to do ?

My floor swelled after a water leak. What to do ?

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Answer: use a hair dryer, portable heater or dehumidifier, or replace the parquet.

Once the water leak has been repaired, it is necessary to wait until the floorboards have dried completely. To speed up the evaporation process, you can use a hair dryer on the swollen blades or, even simpler, place a portable heater nearby. Another idea: buy a dehumidifier if you can afford it. In most cases, the parquet will return to its original shape once dry, and the problem will be solved. If, on the other hand, certain parquet planks do not return to their initial shape, despite all your efforts, it is a sign that they have come off during the water leak. You will therefore have to replace them, unfortunately you will have no other alternative. In the end, this will mainly depend on the duration of the water leak.

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