How to connect a domino?

How to connect a domino?

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Answer: strip the wires concerned, twist their ends and slide them into the domino connection dice, then tighten its screws.

The domino is a connection strip that allows for electrical taps and connections. Connecting a domino is not a very complicated operation, here is how to do it. Start by cutting the power at the circuit breaker. Strip the electrical wires you want to connect with wire strippers, and twist their ends. Then loosen the domino screws and slide the electrical wires into the connection dice. Tighten the domino screws until the copper of the stripped wires is no longer visible. But take care not to tighten too hard so as not to damage the wires. Above all, and this is very important, do not mix the earth, phase and neutral electrical wires! Always connect two electrical wires of the same color! Detect an electrical problem Our practical DIY videos