Chic: a velvet armchair

Chic: a velvet armchair

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To put the house in winter time, we do not hesitate to play with materials. Our favorite to warm up the atmosphere of the living room while remaining chic: a velvet armchair. Discover our selection and our decoration advice.

Why choose velvet?

In winter, velvet will be an essential fabric to bring a little softness to the decor. Warm material, it will bring a cocooning feeling with a cozy decor. In addition, its shimmering appearance offers you a chic style that will give character to the house. Ideal in a chic atmosphere, velvet will give a slightly baroque note to your decor. Perfect for warming up a very designer style, it is a chameleon of decoration due to its timelessness. And the good news is that it finds its place in a boudoir bedroom as well as in a male living room or a baroque hall. Brief in all rooms.

Which armchair to choose in velvet?

There are both large size velvet armchairs for a comfortable atmosphere and small toad armchair-style models that will be more elegant and feminine. Also think about the colors that will play an important role in your decor. A black armchair will be chic and could correspond to a sophisticated and masculine atmosphere. Conversely, you can opt for deep purple for a more feminine style. You will also find red or green which you will choose in dark tones for an elegant and timeless style. Our practical salon decoration videos