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A few days before Christmas, the excitement reaches the homes, and with it the eternal question of the choice of the tree. Between Spruce and Nordmann, we don't always know which Christmas tree to choose. And the choice becomes even more complicated this year, because the suppliers offer other varieties of fir a little less known than the two unconditional stars of the holiday season. As for the artificial tree it always makes as many followers.

Rootless Christmas tree

It is the best-selling Christmas tree. Little invasive, the tree cut at the base is ideal in cramped interiors. It is also very practical to transport and install at home, in a pot or any other container to decorate for the occasion. This tree which does not replant after the festivities is perfectly suitable for all those who have neither balcony nor garden.

Christmas tree with roots

Sold in a container, this tree can be replanted in the garden in January. An asset much appreciated by all nature enthusiasts. It also has the advantage of losing few needles when it is watered during its festive stay inside the house. Perfect for spacious rooms, the container Christmas tree is quite bulky. It is therefore not very easy to transport in a small vehicle, but it can be delivered to your home.

What variety of tree to choose for Christmas?

Very appreciated for their bluish or silvery reflections, Korean, Omorika and Nobilis are very trendy varieties. If the goal is to offer a fragrant tree, it is better to opt for a Pungens with long needles or a very dense Grandis. As for the robust Nordmann, it has the great advantage of not losing its needles, which has also allowed it to rise to the top of the Christmas trees, while the very fragrant Spruce also remains still well placed , a true symbol of Christmas.

Find a harmonious and furnished tree

Small, large and medium-sized stores, decoration and DIY stores, gardening stores, specialty shops offer different Christmas trees, of all shapes and sizes. Many of them are wrapped in nets to make their transport easier, but in this case it is impossible to ensure their density and the beautiful distribution of their branches. We therefore prefer an uncoated tree to avoid disappointment when unpacking. It is also better to check that the needles of the tree do not fall because this sign indicates that the tree is already in the drying period. He may not be at his best on Christmas Eve, if he resists until then.

Artificial fir vs natural fir

The creators have shown genius in recent years to offer very aesthetic artificial trees. They come in many colors to bring a touch of originality to the Christmas decoration. Although very trendy and practical since it can be reused every year, artificial fir is less ecological than natural fir. Made from materials such as aluminum or plastic from the petroleum industry, "fake" fir is difficult to recycle. As for the natural fir, there is no fear to have: it does not come from any deforestation. All the trees sold at Christmas are cultivated expressly for this special occasion, in forests which help to support ecosystems. In addition, natural fir is completely biodegradable. Our practical Christmas decoration videos


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