Can I light and heat a room with only one or two power outlets?

Can I light and heat a room with only one or two power outlets?

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Answer: yes, but it is better to comply with the regulations and the minimum number of sockets per type of room.

The regulations impose a certain number of sockets for each type of room. You need three outlets in a bedroom, five outlets in a living room of less than 20 m (and an additional outlet every 4 m more), an outlet in the hallway, six outlets in the kitchen (not counting the large appliances), etc. You have the right to put more, but not to put less. If you have just moved into an old house, it may not be up to standard. But nothing prevents you from installing more sockets for your personal comfort. It is very difficult, even impossible to be satisfied with one or two sockets in a living room these days, especially if you want to connect a radiator.

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