Tutorial: a factory style coat rack

Tutorial: a factory style coat rack

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A pinch of decoration, a touch of DIY, and above all a lot of talent, this is the recipe from the Angel head blog! Behind all these pretty ideas hides Fanny, a 32-year-old young mother. Recovering, DIY and embezzlement have no secrets for it. Today, it is a DIY tutorial that she offers us, to make a wooden coat rack of factory inspiration.


- a wooden board - a long round cleat (a trunnion) - 2 hanging systems and the 4 small screws sold with - 4 double-threaded screws - a pencil - a ruler - sandpaper - a jigsaw - a screwdriver or screwdriver


1. We start by tracing the shape of the coat rack on the board using a ruler and a pencil.
2. Cut the lathe using a jigsaw.

3. At the back we screw the two hooks.

4. Then cut 4 pieces of trunnion of equal sizes.

5. Sand the pieces to soften the slices.

6. A small hole is drilled in one side of the pins. Use a small drill.

7. We draw marks for the locations of the 4 hooks.

8. Drill in the marks, taking care to adapt the drill to the double thread screws.

9. A screw is engaged without tightening it fully.

10. Then we come to plant the pin pieces. When you are going to turn the pin, the screw will drive in on both sides at the same time.


It only remains to hang and ... Tadam! This is a unique and original coat rack, perfect for the child's room!

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