3 good resolutions for the teenage bedroom

3 good resolutions for the teenage bedroom

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With the new year, your teen has many projects and in particular the one to give a makeover to his room. To help you accompany him, here are 3 good resolutions to adopt for his bedroom.

Resolution # 1: choose a character color

Because teens do not lack character, they need a decoration in their image. We then choose with them a color that is close to their heart and that we will apply to a section of wall. Black, red or electric blue, for example, will work very well in a trendy teen bedroom. Also think about the furniture and accessories that can adopt this color.

Resolution # 2: light the room

The teenage bedroom is a living room in its own right: teenagers receive their friends, do their homework and also sleep in this same space. Also, it is important to offer them suitable lighting that can be adjusted according to the activities. We think of a good desk lamp but also of lighting to accentuate the brightness of the room like a floor lamp. Finally, a bedside lamp will be particularly important to allow teens to read before sleeping.

Resolution n ° 3: let them express themselves

Teens need to express themselves! So to leave them a field of expression, we put on a space of freedom with for example a wall in slate paint, or a collage so that your teen can pin his photos and other papers. Rather than seeing the room disappear under the posters and photos, it is better to delimit this space! Our practical teen bedroom decor videos


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