Choosing the right crepe maker for Candlemas

Choosing the right crepe maker for Candlemas

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On February 2, it will be Candlemas: a party that all gourmets are waiting for to share a few pancakes with family or friends. But for this festive meal to be successful, you must equip yourself! Traditional or electric crepe maker, each has its own camp.

Electric or traditional crepe maker: how to choose?

Before you start buying your crepe maker, you should ask yourself if you prefer a traditional crepe maker in the form of a stove or an electric crepe maker to classify in small household appliances. Know that with a pan, it is up to you to manage the heat of the gas or the plate so as to obtain a good cooking. In addition, it is with this type of crepe maker that you can sauté your first pancake as tradition dictates. With an electric appliance, the cooking will nevertheless be more homogeneous and you can make your pancakes anywhere as soon as you can connect the appliance.

Pancakes to taste solo or to share

If you choose an electric crepe maker, you have a second choice. You can either choose a device to make a single large pancake or a model that allows everyone to make their small pancake. The multiple option will allow everyone to eat at their own pace and share the work. It will be ideal for a convivial moment, this is the principle of the Tefal "Crêp'Party". And be aware that for a fun time, Lagrange also offers a multi-pancake machine "Crêpes Créativ '" which has silicone plates to give a heart or star shape to your pancake. Something to please the little ones! But no matter the crepe maker, the important thing is to spend a convivial and gourmet moment!


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