Diamonds inspire decoration

Diamonds inspire decoration

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In decoration, patterns play a crucial role because they allow you to give style to your decoration. And be aware that it's not just traditional patterns like stripes or polka dots, but that you can choose more daring patterns like diamonds that inspire decoration at the moment.

The diamond, best friend of decoration

If the diamond is the best friend of the woman, it is on the way to become that of the decoration so much the designer is inspired by its pure and geometric forms for creations which combine chic and elegance. We thus find suspensions whose lampshade takes this original form but also candle holders that are inspired by it. Some brands like Popup Paris even use it as an emblem on their candles for example and Pop Corn decides to make the diamond a chic bulb. In terms of tableware, salad bowls are inspired by the facets of diamonds for a precious effect.

The diamond motif, for whom?

Be aware that the diamond pattern is not necessarily reserved for a feminine interior but rather for those who seek a dose of originality while remaining chic. In a retro style, you can for example turn to the Ferm Living pedestal table whose base evokes the facets of diamonds. To give a more masculine accent to the diamond pattern, remember to prefer it in a black color which will accentuate the elegance of the latter. For a teenage bedroom or a very feminine decor, do not hesitate to put the diamond more prominently with stickers that will be installed on the wall for example. Discover some diamond-shaped objects to offer yourself. Our practical table decoration videos