In the office of… Philippe Model, multiple creator

In the office of… Philippe Model, multiple creator

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If it was a musical instrument, it would be a harpsichord. A decor ? That of an opera. And if it were a color, it would be a range inspired by the 18th century or by the streets of Paris. In decoration as in Philippe Model fashion, brilliant jack of all trades, with ease from a bygone era to today.

A Proustien apartment

At first glance, he is a fashionable man. Casual jacket but in cashmere, teens sneakers but in leather and large patterned scarf, that's it for the look. We must add to this a warm look and a rather low voice which forces us to prick up our ears. It is true that Philippe Model gives the impression of confiding in you, especially when he receives in his office, a large, almost empty room in an apartment under the arcades of Rivoli. The almost absence of furniture makes it a decoration. And it is the colors of the walls that furnish his space.

Color in paint

Color, he signed it at Ressource for which he is in the seventh collection. But how do you create a color? "It's like a walk," he says, "and words matter." When the range is called Palais Royal, we find the gray of the zinc roofs, the white of Meudon of the building stones, the colors of the plane trees, from the leaf to the bark… And in all this there is a totally Parisian light ".

The typically French

Philippe Model indeed claims the specifically "French" side of Resource. The colors are influenced by the air, the sun, the earth of this country. "If you take Farrow & Ball, for example, it's typically English, and it's great too. But Ressource is a signature from here." That doesn't exclude putting out a collection inspired by Saint Petersburg or Capri. Transposition has always been a creative exercise. "Remember St Laurent when he imagined a Russian collection. It was totally Parisian" he underlines.

Fake grunge sneakers

On the big table in his office, paper in all its forms. Notebook, note book, binding paper and of course colored markers. These are his basic tools, whether he works on the decoration of an apartment or the design of fashion accessories. Since the success of his subtly aged leather sneakers, made in Italy like luxury shoes, Philippe Model has returned to his first love. This year he released his first collection for men (sold at Merci and Colette) because it is for the moment the area where creativity is most obvious, he says.

The Opera passion

Traveler for professional reasons "the only ones who make me want to move", this great asset who feels guilty when he is not busy also cultivates a secret garden, the opera. "It is because or thanks to the opera that I became myself". A passion which arrived very young in his life and which has not left him. So when a project arrives and we ask him for decorations for a Massenet as it is at the moment, it is filled. This man who says he has the feeling of being from another era wonderfully revisits the classics, without forgetting modernity. Objects from Philippe Model's office: