Video: customize your clothes with iron-on vinyl

Video: customize your clothes with iron-on vinyl

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Can not find clothes that you like, and you want to get started in your own creations? Corentine, from Motif Personnel, teaches you how to customize your own clothes thanks to the iron-on vinyl.

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Customize a garment: preparation of fusible vinyl

With iron-on vinyl, you can let your imagination run wild. Choose the colors that you like, and using templates and a pen, trace the shapes you want on the back of the iron-on vinyl paper. If you do not have templates, you can use everyday objects, such as a glass or a jar to draw circles, for example. Then cut out your designs neatly, moving the paper rather than the pair of scissors, so that the result is cleaner. Then place your vinyl on the chosen garment.

Customize a garment: fixing the fusible vinyl

When your patterns are set and the layout pleases you, you can move on to fixing the fusible vinyl on your clothing. For this, place baking paper on the grounds, and take an iron without steam but at maximum temperature. Pass it for 30 seconds to 1 minute, without moving too much. Then remove the paper, and wait a few minutes for the actu: 739845 fabric to cool. You can now easily remove the plastic film. With Corentine's advice, your clothes will never have been so original or so envied by your friends! Watch the video Customize a garment: fusible vinyl on Produced by Minute Facile.