The office plays the refined card

The office plays the refined card

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The office finds its place at home whether it serves as a daily workspace or as a simple side table. Compass foot, all in glass or even metal legs, it is designed with simple and clean lines. Easy to install in a dedicated room or in a corner of the living room. We let you find the refined model that best suits your decor.

All glass

What could be more refined than a desk made entirely of glass? Transparent feet and trays give it a resolutely design and contemporary look. In a small office it is ideal for gaining brightness. It also finds its place perfectly in a dark-colored room with a masculine atmosphere in which it then becomes the elegant and refined element. In addition, apart from scratches, the glass desk is not afraid of stains or tarnishing so go ahead!
Photo credit: Fiam

Compass feet

In another style, the wooden desk with compass feet is also very refined. With its typical look of the 50s or Nordic spirit, it brings delicacy where it is installed. You can bet for example on a model that has only two feet and that attaches to the wall or a white model with sock feet of a different color.

Photo credits: Bo Concept / La Redoute

A metal base

The offices that rely on several materials also take the path of sleek style. Wooden legs and glass top or more common metal base and wooden top play it minimalist, taking inspiration from the trestle spirit. We particularly like a model with a black metal base that contrasts with a very designer teak top.

Photo credits: La Redoute / Arper Our practical decoration videos