Machine sewing video: cut and assemble a block

Machine sewing video: cut and assemble a block

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Do you want to make a patchwork, but you don't know how to get started? Carole Maxwell, owner of a patchwork shop, teaches you how to make an assembly of four squares by machine.

Watch the video :

Prepare the blocks

Before you start assembling, you must first prepare your blocks. To do this, take two pieces of different fabrics. Cut the selvedge from each news item: 739845 fabric to the news item: 739781 cutter, then cut a six-centimeter strip from each news item: 739845 fabric. Using a patch ruler to avoid drawing, create 6 cm squares. Attention: add about 1.5 cm to the band and the squares, for the seam allowance and the size of the presser foot. When you are done, assemble your squares freehand to view the result and to make sure the combination of fabrics is right for you. If this is the case, assemble two neighboring squares using pins, which you fix perpendicular to the seam, so as not to break the needle of your sewing machine.

Sew the block

Start by sewing the two neighboring squares. Repeat with the other two squares, also fastened with pins beforehand. When you are done, assemble these two blocks. First pin the main center line, then the other line. Sew by choosing to either open the seam or fold it to one side or the other. By following Carole Maxwell's tips, patchwork will no longer hold any secrets for you! Watch the video Sewing machine: cut and assemble a block on Produced by Minute Facile.


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