Video: draw facial features

Video: draw facial features

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Reproducing facial features is surely one of the most difficult exercises in drawing. Ladislaja, art student, offers you some techniques to bring volume and expressiveness to your sketches.

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Face drawing: reproducing volumes with lines

The main difficulty in drawing a face is that you don't find lines or lines, but volumes. We must therefore learn to reproduce them precisely with the features of the drawing. Ladislaja shows you in practice how she achieves these volumes. She goes over the same lines several times, in order to give them thickness and obtain a volume but also a shade. It is mainly necessary to insist on all the features of the face which present a relief, like the chin, the neck or even the ears.

Face drawing: pay attention to practical details

To give expressiveness and relief to the faces drawn, it is necessary to pay close attention to the details. Do not hesitate to turn the pages of your sketchbook if you are not satisfied with the result, and to produce several drawings in order to obtain the desired result. Also pay attention to where you start your sketch: do not start it too high, to have all the space you want to fully reproduce the face. Always start at the bottom, before going up to the forehead and the top of the skull. Ladislaja's drawing techniques will soon hold no secrets for you. Watch the video Draw facial features on Produced by Minute Facile.