I discover the technique of decoupage

I discover the technique of decoupage

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The decoupage technique is above all an art of customization. With simple paper towels, you will be able to decorate just about any object of your choice.

Which supports to customize?

You can buy paper mache or wooden supports all ready to receive the patterns of your towels, such as small candle holders, frames, or decorative figurines but the most interesting will be to give a facelift to a local object you: an old mirror, CDs that no longer work that we transform under glass, the pots of indoor plants, the carafe of glass water which we want to change the look ... You will understand, this technique adapts to almost all supports as long as they are properly prepared to receive towels.

Towel, with what material?

To make your debut in this discipline, you will need to acquire the minimum material, namely: your support to decorate, towels (there are hundreds of patterns for all tastes!), A light acrylic paint or a gesso (depending on your support), a glue-varnish, news: 739807 flat brushes and scissors. With this, you can start your project.

… And how does it work?

You will use the patterns of your towels to decorate your support. For optimal rendering, it must first be painted in a light color, otherwise the translucent patterns on your towel will not be seen! You will then cut the patterns with scissors on the 3 thicknesses of your napkin and keep only the first layer. Coat your support (painted and dry!) ​​With varnish-glue then apply your pattern and make it adhere to the support by gently passing over it with your flat brush. Remove any air bubbles under the bonding!

A little advice for a successful rendering

You only use the first layer of your towel, so it is ultra fragile and tears easily. Apply your patterns with delicacy and choose the location of them before gluing because it is final, the towel is too fragile to be removed and repositioned!


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