The ingredients of a campus-style teenage bedroom

The ingredients of a campus-style teenage bedroom

The campus style certainly appeals to teens and the big brands have understood this. Like student rooms in the United States, we find a sporty atmosphere that is as decorative as it is comfortable. A real universe in which boys like to find themselves. To help you see more clearly about this style from across the Atlantic, take a look at our selection.

The colors of the American flag

Navy blue, red and white will be the main colors to use in a campus style decor. Both the walls and the furniture and accessories are adorned with the colors of the American flag, you can't go wrong.

A wardrobe like wardrobe

Since the campus spirit rhymes with sporty decor, the wardrobe you find for your teenagers' bedroom is a metal wardrobe style. Red or blue, it stays in the tone and imposes itself in the decoration. Some writing on the doors can also bring a very popular urban side.

Sports accessories

Decorating a campus-style room requires a very precise choice of accessories. We therefore favor everything related to the field of sport. Baseball bat or old tennis racket on the wall will do just fine. You can also add a basketball here, an American football there and voila!

Numbers and stars as patterns

On the motif side, keep it simple. For bed linen, favor stripes always in the colors of the American flag of course! Some stars will also find their place on cushions or on the carpet And to confirm the sporting atmosphere, we obviously adopt big figures like those printed on sports jerseys. Our practical teen bedroom decor videos