Mistakes to avoid with a mirror in a room

Mistakes to avoid with a mirror in a room

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Mistake # 1: Randomly placing mirrors in the home

Thelocation of a mirror in the house should be reflected. Indeed, if you want to give volume to a room or bring in light, you must place your mirrors in front of the window or any other light source. But beware, it's not feng shui.

To give height to a room, place your mirrors vertically, and if you have a narrow room at home, place them crosswise on the narrower wall to enlarge it visually.

Also remember that in an interior, there are places in which a mirror has no place. For example, a mirror in front of your front door will scare you, just as a badly placed mirror in your office can distract you, or a mirror in front of the TV can be annoying and create reflections. Some locations are also unwelcome: avoid putting a mirror in a room facing the bed or even worse, a large vertical mirror in the toilet ...

Mistake 2: Do not adapt a mirror to its use

In the bathroom, place your mirrors so that everyone in your family can use it. If you have young children, do not hesitate to put a small mirror at their height, the adhesive mirrors are installed and removed very easily.

The mirrors which have the role of reflecting you from head to toe must be placed perfectly vertically. If this is not the case, they can modify your appearance and especially the proportions of your body, which can be problematic. It should be noted that in ready-to-wear stores, the mirrors are often tilted slightly towards the top. This maneuver allows women to see themselves taller and thinner!

Mistake # 3: Hanging Your Mirrors Anyway

If a pretty mirror is a decorative element in its own right, it should not be forgotten that its No. 1 role is to allow you to admire yourself!

So a bedroom, living room or entrance mirror should not be hung anyhow on the wall: before fixing a mirror, remember that it is advisable that the center of the latter arrives at more or less 1m50 from the ground!

Mistake # 4: Do not select your mirrors carefully

Given the multitude of models that exist, it seems wise toadapt the mirror to the decor of the room that will host it. The bathrooms support very well the large mirrors while simplicity. For a bedroom mirror or living room, favor the old mirrors which give cachet to the room or, on the contrary, the design mirrors which bring a touch of modernity. For the children's room, choose whimsical mirrors or colored framing.

On the other hand, smoked or slightly colored mirrors should be banned: they dim the light and return a modified reflection of reality.

Mistake # 5: Keeping damaged mirrors

If you have broken, spotted or damaged mirrors at home, replace them! A damaged mirror sends an altered reflection that can damage the morale of the occupants of the house.

According to Feng Shui professionals, a damaged mirror can send negative waves into a home while large mirrors, judiciously placed in front of light sources, allow positive waves to circulate.