Focus on barbecues

Focus on barbecues

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With the arrival of sunny days and the sun, the time has come to enjoy a good barbecue meal. Gas or electric barbecue, charcoal barbecue or planchas, there is something for everyone. Easy and practical, the barbecue diversifies and offers the possibility of rediscovering the joys of eating out, in harmony and simplicity.

Barbecue and security

Above all, it is essential to choose a secure location for your outdoor barbecue. The important thing is to position it in a stable, clear place and sheltered from the wind. To light your barbecue, consider using products that mention the CE or NF standard. In addition, handle the barbecue with care using oven mitts and keep children away. Once these safety measures are observed, you can enjoy moments of relaxation outside.

Choose your barbecue

Nowadays, barbecues adapt to our desires for simplicity and ease. This is why more and more models are becoming mobile. Equipped with casters, they provide essential comfort in the garden. They can move easily at your convenience. In addition, the barbecue reveals incredible storage possibilities. Multifunctional, it now integrates as a whole: removable board, trash can, utensil holder, bottle opener to make your daily life easier. Modular, the barbecue is decorated with plancha, shelf, table and other clever equipment to make your life more pleasant. On the cooking side, the barbecue gives the opportunity to cook small dishes with precision. With charcoal, gas or griddle, barbecues adapt to all your desires in terms of traditional cuisine for a meal prepared according to the rules of the art.