What furniture for my teenage daughter?

What furniture for my teenage daughter?

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For a teenage bedroom, you have to think about optimizing the space with functional storage furniture but also aesthetics. The furniture must take into account the space available and your daughter's taste. In a charming and refined universe, bring colors with subtle and poetic tones while decorating the furniture space in line with its inspirations.

A so sweet atmosphere

In a romantic spirit, add an essential element to the daily life of a young girl: the dressing table. Iconic furniture of the young teenager, it will sublimate the charm of the room and bring a touch of delicacy in the intimate universe of your daughter. In shades of gray, pink or white, the furniture evokes the pastel world for a decoration placed under the sign of poetry. For a glamorous world, a modern chest of drawers printed with the portrait of Marilyn Monroe will delight teenage girls. Indispensable in a refined room: the dressing room, it allows to store clothes and shoes.

An urban decor

In an urban style, choose prints in the heart of the city. You will transport your daughter to a London or New York universe as you wish. Modern and design, the office is like the major capitals with these buildings or flags patterns. This piece of furniture will give character to the room for a trendy workspace. Bright colors and pop culture, bring a polychrome decor on the furniture in the teenager's room. These colors will energize the room in the blink of an eye. Trendy side, arrange a sofa bed in the room. She will not resist the charm of the studio. This furniture is ideal for inviting friends while saving space.