An eco-friendly baby room

An eco-friendly baby room

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So that baby begins his life on good foundations, we put on an ecological room that will respect both his health and the environment. And as ecology can also be very decorative, we offer an ecological selection to decorate your baby's room.

Green from floor to ceiling

To arrange an ecological baby room, we start by choosing a suitable floor and paint. You will find carpets in ecological fibers or recycled materials. You can also opt for natural coconut, seagrass or sisal soil. For walls, favor ecological paints that will limit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the room. Ecological floor and wall coverings are sure to protect your child's health by using natural components.

Green decorative accessories

To furnish and decorate the nursery in an ecological way, you will be spoiled for choice! Start by choosing a cradle made from recycled cardboard, recycled wood or wood from sustainably managed forests. And choose organic cotton bed linen to protect baby's skin while he sleeps. To bring a playful touch to the room, you can bet on stickers made from potato starch for example or which use eco-solvent inks based on water. Need a touch of sweetness? Place a natural sheepskin on the floor to give a very cocooning atmosphere to the room. Later, baby can even sit on it to play gently!


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