Video: take care of a dwarf palm whose leaves turn yellow

Video: take care of a dwarf palm whose leaves turn yellow

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Thanks to the advice of experts from the Plant Clinic, understand the diseases of your flowers and learn how to treat them. Today, it is a dwarf palm tree which is subjected to Jean-Louis Leca, following a yellowing of the end of its leaves. Follow his analysis and recommendations on video!

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Auscultation and diagnosis

It is well known that the palm is a sun-loving plant. However, it does not adapt to very arid soil since it needs a minimum of humidity at the level of the roots. Here, the yellowing of the saw palmetto leaves comes from two factors. The first is linked to the lack of sunshine. Unlike many other plants, the palm can be directly exposed to the sun's rays without the latter being harmful to it. The second comes from two classic errors: excess water and poor drainage of the pot that receives the plant. The palm has a highly developed root system that does not like in constantly moist soil.

Some recommendations

At first, it seems essential to repot the plant. It is necessary to provide a new substrate for the saw palmetto and a functional drainage at the bottom of the pot. On the other hand, it is advisable not to water the palm more than once a week, at the risk of creating a rotting of the roots. Finally, provide the plant with as much sun as possible by placing it in a room very exposed to light. You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic! Also find out how to care for a palm tree with some leaves drying out.


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