Meeting with Mel and Kio from Studio le Prédeau

Meeting with Mel and Kio from Studio le Prédeau

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Tell us about your journey

KB: our journey has always been marked out with words and drawings since always. I have been in love with the language and its music since I was a child. I studied literature, I taught great authors in France and abroad, I told poetic stories to young and old, both orally and in writing. In short, words are my life companions and sharing them on the walls seems to me to be the very natural continuation of the path. Email : I trained as a plastic artist. My plastic work led me to work in large format until I wanted to go beyond the limits of the frame. In my paintings, the problem of line, line and therefore writing has always been present. It is no coincidence that our duo met around a story: I draw and Kio writes.

You are wall designers, what is it?

Email : this means that we have an artistic graphic approach in a specific space. When we propose a creation, we think of it according to the place. Our field of expression is the wall directly, "wall" in English and we are also designers because we are considering a function at work: the place invested can be understood differently thanks to wall design. We experience it differently. KB: we tell stories on walls, ceilings, facades. We are part of the tradition of wall art. We offer the universe of our duo Mel et Kio which mixes poetic text and drawing but always asking ourselves what place in which we operate has to tell. In 2004, when we created our studio Le Prédeau, the term wall design only existed in English. We decided to bring it to life in French: wall design has now entered the vocabulary.

How was the Prédeau studio born?

KB: our studio le Prédeau was born in 2004 because Mel and I wanted to offer our work as artists to architects, interior designers and decorators, so that he finds in our approach a resource to give a unique identity to the places on which they worked. We wanted to create creations that would allow us to play with space, going beyond the limits of the frame. We wanted to draw and write, giving things to see and read differently. Email : for this we looked for a plastic tool that could allow us to offer unique works of large format by intervening in the place directly in a monumental way. This is how we discovered this great material that is the adhesive. I say great because it is really very adaptable. In September 2006, we showed our work on the Maison & Objet fair. The adventure of the Prédeau studio really started like that.

What are your inspirations?

Email : that's a huge question! Of course, we each have our "masters" on the side of great painters, authors, poets. But we also feed on our travels. I take a lot of photos, I visit galleries a lot. We are urban, Kio and me. The city, in its poetic dimension, is a real source of inspiration for example. Kio: it's true that we have a classic culture at the base. What is interesting in the artistic approach is to confront this culture with the times, our time or even the moments of our life.

What are your next projects ?

Email : we have a very dense return to school. The big news is the installation at the beginning of September of Mel et Kio and their studio Le Prédeau in the heart of the Marais in Paris. In terms of achievements, in a few days we will install several works on three floors of a specialized medical center in Pantin, we will continue with a presence at the Parisian Maison & Objet show. Immediately, head for Lyon, for a work of wall design in a restaurant with a friendly name. KB: following two very nice meetings before the summer, we are starting the creation of two projects that will lead us for one into the world of scents, for the other fashion and luxury. And then we start a collaboration that delights us with a large chain of stores. Poetic wall by Mel and Kio invites itself into the world of ready-to-wear… We will tell you everything, I promise!

What is your decor advice for bringing the walls to life?

Email : even if it means intervening on a wall, I like it to make sense: a text that will touch me, a drawing that will tell me a story. I find it important to enjoy seeing, forgetting, finding. The walls live when they are a real medium of expression. KB: my advice goes in the direction of that of Mel: the wall lives when it shows something that we really like and no matter if it is offbeat or incongruous compared to the rest of its decor. It's something that has something to say, to us, to us and that's the main thing ... right?


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