What is a security window?

What is a security window?

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Answer: burglar-proof double glazing, protective grid, security film: same combat.

A security window makes it possible to fight against burglaries. It strengthens the resistance of a window visible from a street and easily accessible. Several solutions are available to you. Equip your security window with security glazing. Its effectiveness is measured in minutes of resistance. Choose burglar-resistant double-glazed windows, the sheets of which are made of laminated glass. The more these leaves, the more time burglars lose. Another option: install a security film. This thin polyester membrane covered with an adhesive consolidates the glazing. In the event of an attack, burglars are surprised at the resistance which is opposed to them. If you accidentally break your window, the security film limits the projection of shards. Finally, a security window can be fitted with a protective grid. Less aesthetic, this solution is preferred for a window overlooking a cellar or a basement window. You too, send us your brico question


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