How to customize a shoe cabinet?

How to customize a shoe cabinet?

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Answer: paint the furniture, use adhesive decorative papers or sticking papers.

Customizing your shoe cabinet to give it a personal touch is undoubtedly the best solution, the latter not always being aesthetic, nor in connection with the rest of the room. There are three ways to do this. The first is to simply paint your furniture using a soft, flat brush. The paint is applied in a cross pass. Acrylic or lacquered, it brings your shoe cabinet back to life. Second possibility: adhesive decorative papers. These are easily stuck on the front of the furniture or on the uprights. Finally, last solution: the papers to stick. You can use newspaper but also scraps of wallpaper that you will add to your furniture with glue varnish. If the rendering can be original, it can also be very amateur if you are not a very manual person. You too, send us your brico question