Trendy accessories for trendy toilets

Trendy accessories for trendy toilets

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The decoration of the little corner is often overlooked. Without necessarily investing considerable sums to revamp it, you can equip it with fun and trendy accessories. To approach the toilet in style or sometimes with humor, discover our selection of stickers, paper holders, carpets and other brushes.

Stylish toilet seat

To dress a toilet seat in good condition but too kitsch or too sad, think of the stickers. From around ten euros, this is a quick and inexpensive solution. In addition, the stickers bend to all styles and to all decoration desires: a bright neon green and red frog for nature lovers, pebbles floating on the water for a Zen tone or an urban atmosphere with buildings New Yorker. If your flap is on the verge of giving up, know that there are fancy models other than the traditional "fish" motif. Sure , discover in particular the version with ultra funky colored stripes.

Bristle brush

Above all practical, the brush can also be pretty. And yes, we can push the decorating vice to the choice of the toilet scrub brush! We can do it with humor, especially with models that take more or less unusual forms: the guard of the Queen of England, the cactus, the revolver, the cherry ... or a little green character at Koziol (here in opening photo). You can also choose a colored brush, from classic to trendy tones, including fluorescent.

Other accessories

The toilet paper holders will also allow you to personalize this little corner. We especially like the signed tree-shaped roller hook Lemon Press . Also think of the poster, a simple and effective solution. Here, the graffiti models, to make as in the toilets of trendy bars and the "camera in the toilets" model, series of photos staging the different activities to be carried out in the WC ... Finally, the best for the end: the mini carpet -golf reserved for older children only!