New IT pastry accessories

New IT pastry accessories

In the very gourmet world of pastry, the trends are as strong as in the decoration of the house. And who says trend, also says accessories to make culinary creations. We have found for you the latest It accessories for your cakes and other homemade pastries.

The trend is for the decorative cake

Since cupcakes and other pop cakes, cakes must above all be aesthetic! The home made trend is indeed turning to culinary creation as a mini work of art and each preparation taken out of the oven must then put on a very decorative outfit. To help you, the brands dedicated to pastry compete in imagination and will delight children for back-to-school snacks. You can for example equip yourself with silicone molds which give incredible looks to simple cakes: castle, steam train or teddy bear. And for simple cookies, tampons are on the rise. Small messages such as "Homemade" or "Eat me" are written on the biscuits. The sugar paste also pulls out of the game in order to create real figurines or decorations on the cakes. For this, you will need the essential set of tools for cutting. Finally, there are countless pastry pens that will allow you to refine the decor.

Practical tools for preparation

On the more technical side of pastry with the pure and hard preparation, the silicone never stops to score points. If at the outset, the silicone was only installed on the cake molds to facilitate demolding, today it has invested all the accessories. Whips and other utensils feature this coating so as not to damage the bottom of the dishes and reduce noise and pastry bags are also emerging in this material.