Botanic, the brand for garden enthusiasts

Botanic, the brand for garden enthusiasts

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It is no coincidence that Botanic has made ecological gardening its priority objective. The Savoyard brand, today run by five nature enthusiasts, is indeed concerned about the future of the planet that we will leave to our children. A commitment that translates into concrete actions on a daily basis: all chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been removed from the shelves; organic is in the spotlight; all exotic wood products are FSC certified or TFT certified. Botanic takes the opposite view from traditional gardening and makes it a real force!

Once upon a time there were five passionate about plants and nature

At Botanic, important meetings take place in a high mountain chalet in Savoie. It is certainly unusual, but to follow your convictions is part of the company's charter. Its founder Luc Blanchet, mountain lover and fervent supporter of ecology, has chosen to surround himself with passionate collaborators. Horticulturalists, peasants, mountain dwellers or naturopaths, the five leaders of Botanic have in common the love of plants and a solid ecological conviction. Together they decided to guide the company to a new path, by following through on their ideas. And their first decision was to remove all chemical fertilizers and pesticides from the shelves from sale: an unprecedented choice in the world of gardening. But the brand did not stop there. By putting in place the tools necessary for gardening otherwise, she wishes to offer all existing solutions to budding gardeners for responsible and sustainable crops. In its stores, you can find certified plants, a wide choice of organic plants, fertilizers and compost, many eco-advice points with ideas to pick, biodegradable pots for planting plants directly with their support, wooden furniture durable and even hives in operation!

To be in agreement with his convictions

Mindful of the smallest detail - from ecological household products used for the maintenance of stores to gardening tools "made in France" and PEFC certified - Botanic has seen its efforts rewarded many times by environmental professionals (Business Prize and environment, Organic Excellence Trophy, Green Awards, etc.). The Savoyard brand is also a partner of several national events such as Sustainable Development Week or Le Printemps bio.

A colorful home collection

In addition to plants and pet stores, Botanic offers a wide selection of furniture and accessories. Garden furniture, home decoration, scents, cosmetics and tableware have a prominent place on the shelves of the brand. On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, Botanic is launching a collection of cheerful and bright decoration. To relive the Christmas of yesteryear, discover all of the holiday accessories without delay at one of the brand's points of sale or on


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