Lighting in the fall, instructions for use

Lighting in the fall, instructions for use

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The season of chestnuts and chestnuts is also the season where the days gradually lose light. The time has come to reconnect with pleasant and efficient lighting to avoid the fateful fall blues fall. Because with a well-thought-out lighting arrangement, we almost laugh at temperatures that drop at high speed.

1. I multiply the light sources

Wall lights, you've been happy with them since the heyday. Except that now, they only light the interior half. Never mind, not to live in the dark or almost, and above all, to illuminate our evenings as much as our morale once the night falls, we multiple the points of light. A table lamp comes to find shelter on the dresser a floor lamp snuggles at the foot of the sofa and the candle holders come back to life on the coffee table and the dining table.

2. I renew my lights

The anti-gloom mission also involves an anti-routine objective! It is time to change the old lights that we are tired of. One more way to breathe new life into your home. The good news is that there is something for every budget. Some will be able to offer one (or more) latest trend, others, new lighting at a low price. Better yet to renew your lighting at a lower cost? Opt for homemade customization. A drop of wallpaper gives a new look to an old lampshade, a touch of paint revives a worn floor lamp. Creativity could become your best ally.

3. I rethink their location

Depending on the height of the ceiling, the style and the size of a room, the lighting cannot pretend to be the same. Now is the time to (re) ask the right questions. Do my lights enhance this or that room? Where should they be located to rectify faults in the kitchen, living room, entrance? Note that to give the impression of visually pushing back the ceiling, the ideal is to opt for an airship head lighting turned upwards. Conversely, if it is a cathedral ceiling (or high ceiling), we generally try to bring it together so as to make the interior more warm and intimate. In this case, it is advisable to play on suspensions and chandeliers to drop up to 2 meters from the ground.

4. I think of new technologies

Even if it means revising its lighting, it is better to favor newer, innovative and efficient models. If the switch to ecological bulbs or LED lighting was not yet established, we hasten to do so. No more good old bulbs, energy savings oblige! If the budget allows, we also dare to venture into the field of the latest generation of light. Then comes into play the bright furniture, the changing color ribbons to affix at the edge of the ceiling, under the bathtub or on the headboard or neon lights, to frame a door, to highlight a painting. A bit futuristic, these light choices make fun of the pre-established codes to create a sensation in the home.