In drawing: pretty magnetic macaroons for the decoration of the refrigerator

In drawing: pretty magnetic macaroons for the decoration of the refrigerator

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Not so long ago, we were learning how to make a polymer clay pencil holder donut. And as these little Fimo delicacies are really popular, we will have fun today to decline a macaroon version. To vary the pleasures a bit, I decided to integrate these little gourmet macaroons within the kitchen decoration by transforming them into magnets to place on the refrigerator, or to use on the future kitchen memo that we will realize together in a next DIY. The goal is to make several at the same time and to vary the colors. You will thus obtain a small decoration of gourmet cuisine, tangy and sparkling, wonderfully well adapted to the arrival of spring! To work with polymer clay, remember to bring a suitable work surface (a glass board for example) and to wash your hands when you change colors of clay. Everything you will need is mentioned in the tutorial. Before you get started, get some pretty strong little round magnets, you'll find them in various online hobby shops. Now start rolling your Fimo dough to make balls… and follow the DIY!


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