The garden of Virginie and Nicolas

The garden of Virginie and Nicolas

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Piscine de “Valérie” is a concept and realization of EURO PISCINE SERVICES. It is a 3.20 x 6.40 m flat bottom pool. Made of EPS panels from new technologies and research around recyclables. These panels are made in France. Sealing is ensured by a 75 / 100th liner from APF (Annonay Productions France). Its anthracite gray color gives a “pool” water color to the pool. Its filtration uses a EUROmedia filter made from recycled glass. It also consists of a white light LED projector. Its corner staircase facilitates its access. It is accompanied by a modular technical room. It is accompanied by a unique concept “shelter - terrace“: all in one! Ensuring thus: safety, hygiene, comfort and protected heat. Its extra flat shelter from EAP (EUROPE SHELTERS POOL) which by the structure of its profiles ensures real security, and by its polycarbonates UV protection, fits under a PEI terrace of 5.20 x 4.50 m , also produced by EAP, thus creating a dominant and convivial space, only 48 cm thick. The shelter works thanks to a manual winding system by inverted pulleys which thus facilitate its opening and closing. This new concept is the basis of a collection of “products” which develops the concept of “pool space”. EURO POOL SERVICES ZA Des Fours 18120 MASSAY 02 48 51 90 76 [email protected] Custom-made leisure chalet in wooden frame, Douglas fir cladding, with awning, terrace and mezzanine designed and installed by: Tickner Nouveau Monde, n ° 1 French leisure chalet, garden sheds and wooden frame garages. Based in the heart of Normandy, Tickner Nouveau Monde has been designing, manufacturing and delivering throughout France through a network of resellers for over 30 years. To find the nearest point of sale click here TICKNER NEW WORLD

A) Plants

. The plants are supplied by GAMM GREEN

B) Roof

. Soveco BS05 Wood Tile Durability: 40 year technical warranty. Resistance: High fire resistance: CROOF (t3), suitable for dwellings and public establishments. Earthquake. Anticyclonic (VERITAS: Resistance to winds of up to 288 km / h with precipitation of 200 mm.) Ecological insecticide and fungicide treatment. Stainless fixings. Advantages: Warm, natural and ecological finish. Optimal installation system. Excellent natural thermal and acoustic insulation. Construction facilities: lightness and flexibility. Quick and easy for installation and maintenance. SOVECO Tel: 02 33 73 57 88 E-mail: [email protected]

C) Soils

. Outdoor paving : After 22 years of experience, our artisanal manufacturing as well as the expert look on the old period floors allow us to best reproduce the imprints and the nuances of colors which reflect those of the old pavements of the various regions. MARTIAL GRUX DALLAGE SARL Martial GRUX 49 route de Beaune Corpeau, 21190 MEURSAULT Tel: [email protected] Wooden deck : Coconut palm terrace boards : the vegetable alternative to tropical wood, the coconut palm terrace blades are 100% natural and 100% massive. From the recycling of agricultural coconut palms, the massive coconut palm terrace blade can be easily and quickly installed with the invisible B-FIX fixing system. FILE ALTERNATIVE SUPPLIER Importer of alternative building materials rue Larmoyer, 1 1301 Bierges Belgique T: +32. (0) 2.880.99.23 +33. (0) 1.747.13.836 An invisible fixing in stainless steel for terrace & cladding: The B-Fix One : In 301 stainless steel, bronze or black, it allows the blade to be fixed and permanently maintained on the joists. Easily removable attachment for one blade only. B-Fix One is always delivered with its self-drilling head screw. B-FIX also offers different screws depending on the type of support (cladding, metal joist). The Border: to start and finish the terrace always invisibly. A very efficient screw: an A2 treated screw (Zinc), a torque of 6.9 Nm / m, a special head to limit friction and the heating effect A led light strip, monochrome and colors: An indirect lighting solution perfectly integrated into the terrace and very easy to install. The led Board is installed as and with the decking boards during assembly. This light strip is presented in 2 ways: o The LED Board 100, in 1ml module, monochrome and ready to install. The set is already pre-wired and ready to be connected to 220V o Custom-made with 33cm blades up to 1.83ml, monochrome and color, connected to a Touch panels to adjust the speed of the colors or fix it B-FIX. Manufacturer of invisible fasteners for decking and cladding Rue Provinciale, 215 1301 Bierges - Belgium Tel. 32. (0) 10.400.790 Tel. +33. (0) 1.747.13.834 Construction of roads, driveway, and terrace in concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are a material perfectly suited to driveways and pedestrian walkways. It is available in many shapes and colors. This material has a roughness such that it is possible to use it for steep aisles without the risk of slipping on rainy days. The joints of the concrete pavers are made with polymeric sand, which is a mixture of calibrated sand and specially formulated binders. It is applied dry and hardens after moistening. It avoids the growth of plants between the pavers. THE LITTLE TERRASSIER Tel: 03 44 81 15 35 9, rue de l'Artisanat 60380 Songeons Pavers Go back to your childhood thanks to the subtlety of Patchwork and its original nuance: no paving stone is identical to another, but all of them work together in the same shades. Aged paving stone, smooth appearance, allows the passage of light vehicles, pronounced shading. Formats: 12x12x6 or 16x16x6 cm. Colors: Mississippi, Volga, Tag. MARLUX

D) Facades

. An innovative concept for the renovation of walls and facades. Projected Natural Stone is an innovative decorative wall coating, which can be adapted to all projects, in renovation or on old support. This unique technique makes it possible to obtain, by spraying a coating, an interior and exterior wall covering similar to real exposed stones. - Cut stone effect: Stone coating "DécoXperience", applied by network specialists STONE COAT. Find the applicators of the Stone Coat network on the website: Contact: 04 67 22 38 04 - Stone effect with stencil: Stone coating "DécoXperience", easy to apply yourself, thanks to the use of a stencil . DECOXPERIENCE Find all decoXperience products on the site: Contact: 04 67 22 38 04

E) Light fixtures

. Drop light Luminous pot with a particular size which makes it suitable for a variety of contexts: classic or contemporary domestic interiors, but also for gardens, terraces, verandas or open spaces. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. SYMPT'HOME INTERIOR DESIGN // Recessed outdoor LED floor light, EGO (ref. 1758, 3170070017585) Very decorative blue LED, intended for lighting and achieving light effects, low energy consumption, 1.5W in total , decorative collar in stainless steel Decorative light bollard, MONACO (ref. 3044, 3170070030447) in black aluminum, classic design for a retro effect (exists in high, low bollard, wall lamp and high mast lantern). Outdoor spotlight, DAFNEE (ref. 0790, 3170070007906) in black thermoplastic, adjustable by 180 °. Garden stake and wall fixing included. Wall light, MONACO (ref. 3032, 31700700030324) in black aluminum, classic design for a retro effect (exists in high, low bollard, wall lamp and high mast lantern). ARIC

F) Doors and openings

. Profilos® Taos® sliding and swinging aluminum shutters Shutters with full blades perfectly imitating wooden planks for the respect of tradition. Also exist with niçoise doors, fixed or adjustable louvers, full or openwork, you are free to choose, according to your desires or the exposure of your living rooms, to gently let in some rays of the sun or to completely obscure daylight. The Dune exclusive color Profiles Systems® from the TERRA CIGALA® range with a sanded and granite appearance. Aluminum window with thermal break Tundra @ from Profiles Systèmes® Ensures the closing of the shed of the fuel tank. Color and filling blades identical to the shutters for a uniformity of the whole. SYSTEM PROFILES The manufacture and installation of Aluminum joinery was carried out by AFD Bel'm French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. 3 custom-made wooden entry doors have been installed. On the main house, two doors of traditional aesthetic "MONTPARNASSE": in a third version and equipped with an artisanal grid for the main entrance and a tailor-made composition with an entrance door without grid framed by 2 glazed parts for access to the garden. Both in a lacquered finish, in the same color harmony. For the chalet, a charming door: "LOFT" with a raw appearance wood, with visible veining lacquered on the outside and oak bronze finish on the inside. these doors have optimal thermal, sealing and acoustic performance for comfort and energy savings on a daily basis. BEL'M Find all of our products on The site was laid by our client BATIMAN - The Artois Store : //

G) Furniture

. Teak wood garden table: Go from 6 to 8 places very quickly, thanks to the extension slaa, go from 167 cm to 208 cm. Accompanied by its folding teak chairs, this set will look great on your terrace. THE DREAM AT HOME Tel: 0811 037 800 2 FUJI FUGU armchairs FUJI is an inflatable design armchair signed by Victor BOËDA for FUGU. FUJI is characterized by a rounded shape which exudes comfort and relaxation… KUKI FUGU sofa The designer Victor BOËDA imagined KUKI - a designer inflatable sofa, the most important piece of the FUGU collection !!! FUGU furniture "Among the FUGU furniture, we find MAKI - an inflatable coffee table signed by Victor BOËDA. It has a square shape, and an acrylic plate that naturally reflects light (no need for LED). And once the tray is removed, it can transform easily and quickly into a comfortable pouffe that can accommodate 1 to 3 people ... " THE PELICAN GUMBALL armchair A comfortable armchair with sinuous shapes. The "Gumball" is produced in a special soft resin which ensures a pleasant touch. Available in translucent version full of small multicolored balls or in colored and lacquered versions. The "Gumball" is ideal for private and public spaces (outside and inside), gardens, terraces… Gumball Sofa and Gumball Sunlounge The first proposal is a two-seater sofa with a curvy and comfortable shape. The second is a sunbathing area designed for swimming pools, spas, terraces and gardens… Their structure allows correct and comfortable posture, characterized by clean lines, which make it an elegant and contemporary furnishing complement that can be integrated into a variety furnishing contexts. SYMPT'HOME INTERIOR DESIGN //

H) Decoration

. Terracotta pots handcrafted in Aubagne- Excellent frost resistance. Terracotta pots fit perfectly into all styles of furnishings. Cycas streaks pot, Height: 50 cm, Natural Earth. RAVEL POTTERY [email protected] tel: Avenue des Goums 13400 Aubagne Statue "God Of Thought" - Model 120, dimension 100x80x100, Weight 160kgs approx. / Part of a collection of 11 statues representing the Indian gods Tainos, people living in the Greater Antilles and discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. They are made of terracotta entirely by hand in the Dominican Republic by an artisan who was inspired remains discovered. L.J. GROUP Discover all our models and prices on: Tel. 01 64 93 82 51

I) Equipment

. Parasol Flamme: A touch of magic This original parasol will amaze your guests. A large flame will dance in its glass tube while diffusing its gentle heat. This flame will dress your terrace or garden wonderfully. BBQ element rouge: A round hearth for ever more conviviality! This elegant cylindrical barbecue will easily follow you thanks to its wheels. It works with a 5kg CUBE bottle. Multifunctional, it will transform into a pizza stone, a grill or a plancha (see optional products). FAVEX Tel: