How to choose your garden greenhouse

How to choose your garden greenhouse

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The gardener's essential tool, the greenhouse makes it possible to grow almost anything you want. But be careful, depending on the type of crop you wish to carry out, vegetable or ornamental, you will have the choice between a tunnel greenhouse, a chassis greenhouse or an aluminum greenhouse. Explanations. The greenhouse tunnel is traditionally used for growing fruits and vegetables, for young shoots and for frost protection, that is to say the protection of crops in winter. By far the most economical (there are culture tunnels from 70 euros), the arches that compose it are covered with a flexible plastic film. The dimensions are variable, ranging up to approximately 40 square meters. However, they should be avoided in windy areas and if you are particularly attached to the aesthetics of your garden. The frame greenhouse is made of wood or aluminum. Smaller, it accommodates seedlings and small plants (flowers or vegetables). Easy to transport because it is light, the chassis greenhouse is generally placed directly on the ground and can therefore be placed on a balcony or terrace. Please note, the wooden chassis requires more maintenance than the aluminum chassis. Aluminum garden greenhouses are large structures that provide a real workspace. Dedicated to horticulture, frost protection, it is also the greenhouse of the botanist or collector passionate about rare flowers and tropical plants. You enter it as in a real room with storage shelves and workspaces. More than glass, transparent polycarbonate panels are used to cover this type of greenhouse, which is much more resistant. Finally, these aluminum greenhouses also exist in "back-to-back" version, they then come to lean on a wall of the house, which reinforces its insulation.


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