Brabantia puts design back on its pedestal

Brabantia puts design back on its pedestal

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The trash can of the future? It's Brabantia. The pop-colored ironing board? It's Brabantia again! Often copied, never equaled, the products of the Dutch brand are now part of our daily life since 1919. The brand indeed puts all its know-how in the development of ordinary accessories in order to make them beautiful and clever. Solid and timeless products, that's something to seduce! Its catalog is today divided into 5 categories with more than 500 products - waste treatment, food preservation, meal preparation, laundry and bathroom maintenance. Review of details.

A sustainable project

The products we buy today often have a limited lifespan. Breaking / throwing / replacing has become a habit, and despite the timidly emerging ecological awareness, a sad reality. It is to break this cycle that Brabantia chose solidity as a guideline for its products. It all started in 1919 in the small Dutch town of Aalst. Brabantia is then a small traditional family business managed by engineers and craftsmen. Founded under the name of Elderen & Co, it will not take its current name until a few years later (from the name of the region of the south of the Netherlands Brabant). The company produces watering cans, buckets, funnels and milk filters. Over the years, Brabantia has grown by creating several subsidiaries abroad and installing factories in Europe. It was in 1994 that it went to have its production units certified according to the ISO standard, thus marking its beginnings in an eco-responsible approach. Recyclable materials, partners concerned with the environment, regulated production and distribution… The Dutch company puts all its energy at the service of the most ecological consumption possible.

Smart design

Since its creation, Brabantia has made the decision to rework each product of everyday life to make it practical and aesthetic. Many fun products have emerged - from the graphic ironing board to the designer coffee capsule dispenser - and have become icons of everyday design. The brand has also innovated in its field by launching the Touch Bin, a bin that opens with a simple touch with your finger. Brabantia has since declined its star product in a wide range of colors so that it can be integrated into any interior, whatever its style. In the "food preservation" range, we find all the products necessary to organize and organize the kitchen, with the design look dear to the Dutch brand. Tableware and food preparation utensils are not to be outdone, with many beautiful and easy-going products! The entire collection can be found in the brand's boutiques and points of sale or on