Feminine decor for teenage girls

Feminine decor for teenage girls

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Difficult to let your child grow without a pinch at the heart and yet it must be admitted that your teenager is no longer old enough to sleep in a room full of dolls and fairytale princesses. To better stick to her image of a young girl, suggest that she redecorate her bedroom in a feminine way. Here is a selection of decorative items to gently transform your teenager's bedroom.

Refined atmosphere

If your teenager likes delicate and hushed universes, opt for a boudoir-style decor. With a few elements, it is very easy to feminize your bedroom in an elegant way. We start with a chandelier with pendants like the Gipsy from Present Time (49 €). Next to her bed, we add a classic style bedside table like the Pauline table (€ 109 at Delamaison). On the wall, you can place a mirror with baroque frame but in a modern color like purple (€ 24.90 at RoyaleDeco). To keep a fresh side however since it is a teenage girl, we finalize with a liberty style bed linen.

Girly atmosphere

If your teenager is more into fashion and feminine accessories, turn to a girly style decor that puts on the side of rhinestones and sequins. Your child will certainly be delighted with the idea of ​​having a very contemporary desk with a touch of pink like the Mik desk from Castorama (€ 139.92) which can be coordinated with the Girly de But chair (€ 49). A purple shaggy rug can be laid so that she can chat on the floor with her friends. Finally for those who admire the great female figures, we install a Marilyn Monroe screen (119 € at RoyaleDeco). Couldn't be more glamorous! All our Deco videos