Video: treat a quetschier

Video: treat a quetschier

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What to do when the branches of your fruit tree dry out? Today, it is a quech tree that is submitted to Jacques, one of the experts from the Plant Clinic. He addresses the disease of drying out twigs which is very common in questers. Follow the explanations, on video!

Question from the user

<< J'en profite pour vous soumettre le cas de mon arbre fruitier qui nous donne de bonnes quetsches tous les deux ans. Seulement, la quantité de fruits baisse à chaque cueillette. L'arbre présente un décollement au niveau de l'écorce et par temps de pluie, on a l'impression que celle-ci se détache davantage. Des branches sont également dénuées de feuilles. >>

Watch the video

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Auscultation and diagnosis

Of Alsatian origin, quetsche is a variety of plum available in early October. In this video sequence, Jacques deals with the case of a tree whose branches are drying out. In addition, the bark is exposed. The tree is in bad shape because it suffers from a very common disease for this variety of plum trees, which is also called "riddled disease". This pathology is notably due to a fungus called "coryneum".

Some recommendations

Drying of the twigs is very common in plum trees. When a Quetschier has not received treatments, like the one presented on video, it is first of all necessary to eliminate the sick branches. Brushing the trunk is necessary so that it is smoother and sharper. These small treatment gestures are ideally carried out in autumn. When diseased twigs are removed and the trunk returns to its original appearance, it is recommended to apply Bordeaux mixture. The application of this solution is to be repeated in the spring. With these tips, your plum tree will shine! You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic!


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