The bright ribbons on the front of the stage

The bright ribbons on the front of the stage

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With winter, natural light becomes precious. Fortunately, we can count on ingenious tricks that come to revive the decor, such as the light ribbons, their high-tech look and their multiple settings, here are 5 installation ideas to steal.

Under a piece of furniture

The bright furniture is super trendy. But instead of buying a brand new one, you can always light up the old, latest generation versions with luminous ribbons! A low-cost makeover that involves attaching the desired furniture to the foot, only if it is low: shelf, bed, TV cabinet, bathtub ... Indeed, positioned below these low-rise furniture, they highlight more clearly while giving them a surprising "hanging" effect. Simple and so decorative!

Above or behind a piece of furniture

Second option on the furniture side: install the light ribbons in height, above them, rather than at their feet. This choice applies in particular to tall furniture such as bookcases, cupboards or walk-in closets because the propagated lighting will create a discreet and indirect light rendering with the advantage of not dazzling the eye… If the furniture is lower, we can mimic this decorative choice by positioning the light ribbons behind them, against the wall: this is another way to change the look of the sofa, the headboard or the tv stand!

Under the steps of the stairs

As winter approaches, the stairs also ask for a bit of visibility. In response, we say yes to the light ribbons. And for good reason, by positioning the latter, under each of their steps, we suddenly see more clearly at dusk. Handy when going upstairs in the dark, or climbing from the garden to the terrace in the middle of the night! Indoors and outdoors, this smart and clever lighting solution is definitely worth gold! So what are we waiting for to adopt it?

On the ceiling

On the ceiling side, we have retained two key ideas regarding the installation of light strips. The first one ? Run over its entire outline, white or colored ribbons to give a decorative status to the "inner sky". The other advantage of this bias: combine soft lighting and visibility over the entire room. The second option? Obtain a source of ambient light thanks to the changing colors of the light ribbons, and in parallel, acquire an indirect light source, in line with the latest lighting that knows how to remain discreet. To achieve this, we hide ribbons behind a false ceiling. The best way to immerse a pretty tinted glow gently sublimating the surface of the ceiling.

Touching the ground

To accompany a subdued decor in a "meal with friends" style, "one-on-one dinner" or "home video evening", we appropriate light ribbons ... to be attached along the baseboards! Chic lighting that skims the floor, ideal for comforting a lounge or high-tech spirit without pretension or eccentricity.