What carpet to choose to warm the house?

What carpet to choose to warm the house?

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Each season, its desires in terms of decoration: throughout the summer, your decoration will have been open to the outside, in style and colors, you will have sought freshness and vitality. Make way today for the desire to refocus on yourself and at home, in an intimate, comfortable and comforting space, soft and warm to face the cold of winter. In this decoration which seeks a cocooning atmosphere, a flagship object, the carpet, which in a jiffy, warms your home.

From the living room…

We think of course above all to make the main living room, the living room, warm. With a thick and soft carpet in front of the sofa, this relaxation space is made comfortable and convivial. Your little bare feet will welcome a shaggy type long pile carpet. You know these long wicking rugs! The fibers of these carpets, worked in a rather loose way in individual strands, give a rather vague and messy but ultra comfortable rendering! For a simple, warm and very natural spirit, you can also opt for a carpet with large loops, little worked and woven in pure wool. It will protect you effectively from the cold and it has an incomparable softness.

… in the room

The living room is often the best heated room in the house, the bedrooms are less so this is why a carpet proves to be a very good element to warm the atmosphere of these rooms. We will therefore opt for carpets at the foot of the bed and we will prefer carpets with long and iridescent pile for an incomparable softness and impression of warmth. Whether it is you or your children, you will all love the incredible comfort of faux fur rugs. Even better, you will shiver with pleasure on the warm and extremely soft contact of real sheepskin rugs. Guaranteed cocooning atmosphere!

Question of colors and patterns

The material of the carpets and their manufacturing technique are not everything. Short pile carpets at first glance appear less warm than long pile carpets. However, the choice of colors can greatly modify this first impression. There is no secret here: the more warm colors you choose for your carpet, the warmer your room will seem. A rug in shades of red and orange will obviously bring more warmth to your living room than a rug in shades of blue. Another way to bring warmth into your home is to choose carpets with exotic patterns. Oriental carpets with geometric patterns and red and brick colors are obviously guarantees of warmth. Even if the real hand-woven oriental rugs coming mainly from Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan are increasingly rare, you will find imitations woven by machine, certainly of much lower quality both technically and aesthetically, which will fulfill their function very well in your living room. The same goes for kilim carpets from Turkey: arranged like nomadic lounges, they will make your interior warm and friendly.