Why is the Thermomix revered?

Why is the Thermomix revered?

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By analyzing the searches on Google for Christmas gifts in the kitchen, I could see that some (many) of you were looking for information on the Thermomix, this famous multi-function robot. You may have been surprised to see that until now, I had never communicated on this object that is the Thermomix.
I thought about it a short time ago because one of my neighbors had organized a meeting at her home and invited me. I refused because the timing was not right for me. A few days later, my neighbors knowing my activity related to household appliances, asked me about this device. I realized then that the meeting had had its small effect and that several of them were on the verge of offering themselves the object which still costs the trifle of 1000 €.

A controlled sales system

The Vorwek Thermomix has a special distribution system since it is only sold at home during cooking demonstrations. Throughout France, there are Thermomix advisers (the term adviser being more of a seller than a "seller" precisely) who come to your home to extol the merits of the device by making several recipes which should logically amaze you. Often these meetings are organized at the home of a person already in possession of a Thermomix and who himself has found people around him to attend the demonstration. The inviting person will then be rewarded with a small gift such as a cookbook in exchange for this time spent at home and the guests they have managed to gather. It is a very established system, comparable to Tupperware meetings. This is one of the reasons why I never talked about the Thermomix because this sales system makes me very uncomfortable. An appliance seller can direct you to different products depending on what you give him as information, the Thermomix advisor only has one product to sell. For the latter, the question is not to find the product that could encourage you to buy, but to encourage you to buy the Thermomix and therefore convince yourself that everything else is well below Thermomix. The seller of household appliances is salaried while the Thermomix advisor only earns money if you buy his product. Obviously it motivates! (and it can also cause bad faith). As easy as it is to fire an appliance salesman, it is much more difficult to ignore a Thermomix advisor in a small group surrounded by friends.

A purchase that cannot be regretted

The other reason for this silence is that I can't get a precise idea of ​​the device because by reading user reviews, reason has very little space. You have to see the comments left on an article in La Marmite de Cathy which explained her skepticism towards the object. Faced with the virulence of some Thermomix users, one can ask the question: but why do they revere the object so much? I think we can look at the side of psychology, and in particular cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is a concept of psychology which highlights the fact that an individual deploys strategies to be in agreement with himself (to summarize roughly). Basically, if I take the example of the Thermomix, I have the feeling that people can only be satisfied with their Thermomix given the price they paid. Few people are able to admit that they have invested 1000 € in a device that does not suit them. For their own moral health, we can therefore think that they feel obliged to justify this purchase by extolling the merits of the device. In any case, that's what I feel when I read the glowing reviews on this multi-function robot from its users that we could compare in the IT field to Apple fans. Far be it from me to criticize the device as well as its users, but the nebula around the Thermomix linked to its sales method and its purchase price puzzles me, that's why I don't feel ready to test the device under the actual conditions of purchase in any case.


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