Household appliances to make moms' lives easier

Household appliances to make moms' lives easier

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Before having a child, you don't really realize how precious time can be. The arrival of a baby in a home turns everything upside down, even for the most organized, so you should not hesitate to welcome with open arms all the help we are offered. Here is a selection of household appliances that prevent moms from feeling overwhelmed.

For alimentation

If you are breast-feeding, you may be anxious about stopping weaning for logistical reasons. Fortunately today, electric breast pumps allow you to continue giving breast milk, even when you are far from your baby. For those who have chosen formula, they can turn to devices that manage almost entirely the preparation of the bottle. This is the case with the Bib'expresso from Beaba which heats the water to the ideal temperature and the Babynes, Nestlé's latest innovation which prepares the bottle using pods. When the child has grown up and it is time to move on to diversification, mothers will be able to turn to food processors for babies such as the Babycook or the De'Longhi Chicco that will be installed in the kitchen.

For surveillance and well-being

A very small one requires constant surveillance. For peace of mind, we equip ourselves with a baby monitor to operate when baby sleeps or plays in another room. Because the sleep of a baby is essential, we can invest in an air purifier which will cleanse his room if the need arises. Finally we do not hesitate to get a forehead or ear thermometer to take the baby's temperature, much easier to use when they are very small.


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