English club spirit in decoration

English club spirit in decoration

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To create a very warm decor in your living room, the English club style will do wonders. With its very cozy spirit, the British style and its masculine atmosphere will help you spend convivial evenings sheltered from the cold.

Typical English club style furniture

For a pure British style, the furniture in your living room must adapt to the chic and masculine spirit dear to England. For this, we put on the emblematic armchairs of pubs, the famous club armchairs with generous shapes and beautiful leather that sets the scene. And the more the armchair has a patinated leather, the more we love it because the armchair will then give character to the decoration. To polish the decor, you can bet on leather or other males flying the English flag for a patriotic touch in the living room and a nod to the origins of the decor.

The English pub-style decor atmosphere

To create the warm atmosphere of an English pub, then bet on the decorative details that will accessorize the club chairs. In terms of patterns, we are heading to tartan, the famous Scottish fabric for kilts, which will bring a chic masculine touch to the decoration. We offer a plaid to put on club chairs or a cushion to add softness to the seat. We then think of a thick carpet to add to the cozy atmosphere and we finish setting up the decor with old pub ads on the walls. It only remains to settle in the living room between gentleman to remake the world while the cold and the rain rage.