The cooking piano with integrated microwave

The cooking piano with integrated microwave

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According to my research, it is the only cooking piano that offers a microwave oven in its bowels. Instead of the traditional second oven in the cooking piano, the Boretti brand has chosen to insert a 1000 W microwave oven, which is a world first!
This brand, little known in France, presents itself as Italian but it seems strangely to be better established in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Regarding this cooking piano, the VFP 104 M IX, it is therefore equipped with a 1000 W 40 cm microwave oven with the defrost and grill functions, but also with four gas burners, a special wok burner, a Teppanyaki style baking sheet - the Fry-Top which allows you to cook without adding fat - as well as a 60 cm multi-function oven. To afford this small household appliance revolution, you will have to pay the modest sum of € 6,000, which is ultimately inexpensive when you see that some Boretti cookers can cost up to € 14,000…


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